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Taking the D.A.R.E. Challenge to Self-Care

Welcome to the 2019 Retreat Class List.  The Presenters have created a wonderful roster of new classes as well as annual favorites.  This year attendees will receive a retreat manual with information about the DARE to Self-Care approach, evidenced based mind body techniques for managing blood sugar, class handouts and journal for taking notes.  


As you look through our class offerings you will notice they correlate to the AADE 7 (American Association of Diabetes Educators) Model of Diabetes Self-Care Behaviors: healthy eating, being active, taking medication, monitoring, healthy coping, problem solving and reducing risks.  In addition, we have developed class "type" designations which note how the individual classes are organized for learning styles.

Experiential: attendees listen to a short presentation and work on a handout together or perform an activity, which could be a discussion


Introspective: attendees learn a meditative or contemplative practice


Lecture Presentation: didactic with Q/A period only


Hands-On Expressive Art: immersive experience in creative expression


Interactive: attendees verbally discuss new learning  (this differs from didactic in that the Presenter modifies what they are saying based on the class discussion.) 

Diabetes Awareness: What is What? For Newbies and Veterans

with Connie (T1) Experiential Presentation AADE 7: Taking Medication, Healthy Eating, Being Active, Monitoring

Have you ever wondered “What kind of diabetes do I have?”  Whether you are dealing with Pre-Diabetes, Type 1, Type 2, LADA, or MODY living with diabetes is challenging. In this interactive lecture presentation we will learn about blood glucose regulating hormones and the role of insulin as a vital hormone in the body. We will discuss the various types of diabetes and how the balance of insulin, gut hormones, food intake, exercise, stress and blood sugar affects your life energy and the proactive role you have in maintaining your health to live well with diabetes. Use of technology devices for diabetes self-care will be covered.


Diabetes Consciousness: Living with Advanced Duration Diabetes

with Connie (T1) Experiential Presentation AADE 7: Problem Solving, Risk Reduction, Healthy Coping

Diabetes is a life long health concern and living with diabetes requires a life long commitment of mindfulness and self-discipline to honor and preserve your health. Once diabetes manifests it must be cared for lovingly and conscientiously for the rest of your life. In this knowledge sharing we will discuss aging with diabetes through various life cycles, the kinds of health related issues that may potentially come up with your various body systems, and what to do about them.

Energy Snacks (movement) Check, Snack? Move!

with Judith (T1) Experiential AADE 7: Reducing Risk, Healthy Coping, Being Active

Short Tai Chi or Qi Gong practices between class sessions.  Energize and refresh body, mind and spirit.


Solutions to Feeding Health in Diabetes: SERF: Simply Eat Real Food

Core Class with Gita (T2) Lecture Presentation AADE 7: Healthy Coping, Healthy Eating, Problem Solving

This session will focus on enjoying healthy foods, careful food preparation to preserve the nutrients and will discuss getting the biggest bang for the calories consumed during the day to promote health and vitality. In order to accomplish this goal we will start the session with planning and organizing for success. We will end the session with ideas for making your kitchen an instant take out place for healthy foods. Join Gita, a diabetes savvy dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator and learn some time-honored techniques!

Meditation as Medicine : Create a Daily Practice

with Janet (T2) Introspective AADE 7: Healthy Coping, Monitoring (biofeedback)

Meditation 101 for those who are new at meditation or wish to expand their current practice.  Meditation is an effective form of mind body therapy.  Learn how meditation helps lower stress and helps manage blood sugar.  This class includes a short practice that easily fits into your day!   


Learn the Taming the Wild Horse Mind Meditation Practice

Self-Explore via Art & Creativity: Personal Chakra Energy Mandalas

with Ann Marie (T2) Hands on Expressive Art Hands AADE 7: Healthy Coping, Being Active

Elevate the consciousness of your mind, body & spirit through art using a variety of exercises and different mediums.  Discover how creative expression can allow you to live more effectively with diabetes.  Join an art therapist in a relaxing, supportive, non-judgmental creative space. All materials are provided.  This class will explore the chakras, the centers of vital energy in the human body, their use and meanings in a personal mandala design.  This rewarding experience is not to be missed. 

Morning Qi Gong Movement and Breath Class

with Judith (T1) Experiential Class AADE 7: Healthy Coping, Being Active, Reducing Risk

Start your day with the wisdom of Qi Gong energy movement and breathing.  Warm up your muscles and get the blood flowing!  Join Judith on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and learn ways to start your day with a great self-care attitude!

The Upside of Change - Workshop Part 1

with Melanie (T2) Experiential Presentation AADE 7: Healthy Coping, Being Active, Problem Solving

Join a behavioral therapist and discover how to identify and overcome obstacles to making important lifestyle changes.  Learn how to bring your wellness intention to the next level by adapting new habits and embracing a positive attitude. 

The Upside of Change: Creating a User-friendly Action Plan - Workshop Part 2

with Melanie (T2) Experiential Presentation AADE 7: Healthy Coping, Being Active, Problem Solving

This workshop will empower you to build an action plan that will promote long lasting success through self-compassion and awareness.

Silent Meditation

Individual Participation AADE 7: Healthy Coping

Already have a meditation practice?  Need some quiet, contemplation time?  We have set aside a space just for that.  Enter silently.  Use backjack, cushion or chair.  Sit in meditation silently.  Leave silently.   

Expressive Dance

Evening Gathering AADE 7: Being Active

A celebration of diabetes power, wisdom and life force energies.  Please wear flowing clothes suitable for dancing and moving in. Music, movement, creative dance and evening fun!  

Fire Circle

Evening Gathering... weather permitting

Our new wisdom tradition.  Meet at the Fire Circle for an evening of elemental celebration under the evening sky. Hot chocolate, tea?  Create a new healing tradition! Bongos? Drums ?

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