Choose a Self-DARE!


 Our retreats are unique. Learn how our model can help you take better care of your diabetes.

Emergency Kit

Be well prepared!  For travel, emergencies, back of your car, in backpack.  You get the idea!

Lemon Detox

Lemons help cleanse your liver and improve your immune system.  Tastes great. Easy to make!

AADE Guidelines

Our Retreat Model uses the American Association of Diabetes Educators Guidelines

DARE to Care

Diabetes is daunting.  But we are diabetes strong. Take our "luscious Self-DARE to Care"

Dry Brush Massage

 Exfoliating dead skin cells improves your circulation and oxygenation. It feels great too. 

Easy Yoga!  

With three simple postures, use the strength and stillness of a mountain to find peace and relaxation

Take a Hike

Mindful walking combines a gentle hike with contemplation and exercise.  Get your blood going! Test before and after!

Mindful Tea Break

Make tea time a special moment to savor taste, warmth, kindness and joy while practicing mindfulness

Celebrate You!

What does it mean to be self-compassionate?  Its not just about checking your glucose!

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