Seeds of Diabetes Consciousness

"You have diabetes". How did you react when you heard that for the first time?

When we embark on the journey of adapting to a life with diabetes it may take us a awhile to get used to the fact. However shocking it may seem, when we hear those words it becomes a seed of awareness that gets gets implanted in the garden of our mind and thought process, even if we chose to ignore it or disbelieve it at first.

All of a sudden we are faced with a new reality. You may find yourself asking, "Holy Mother/Father Divine Spirit! Why me? It can't be true! What do I do now?" A seedling sense of diabetes consciousness is stimulated, stirring, awakened and waiting to be activated and ignited. But before we can come to see the light of this new reality we must get used to finding our way out of self-limiting perceptions of darkness. For some, once past the stages of disbelief, anger, grieving, bargaining and finally acceptance a diagnosis of diabetes can be a genuine blessing in disguise that opens one up to an experience of rebirth, revitalized health and well being.

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