It's all about ATTITUDE

At the recent 50-year medalist celebration at Harvard's Joslin Diabetes Center, Dr. George King told a story. While at a global diabetes conference he was challenged by a fellow diabetes research specialist ….. "I bet you can't pick out the 3 people in the audience who have lived with T1D for over 50 years" Dr. King looked and looked around at the crowd in the auditorium and picked out 2 people. "Son of a gun! exclaimed the doctor who presented the challenge to Dr. King. "You're right but you missed one." At that moment Dr. King leaned forward and noticed a small group of people standing behind a large column. "Wait a minute he said … there's the other one."

So, how was Dr. King able to pick out these people from the crowd? His answer …. energy and ATTITUDE!

We all know the triangle of diabetes care …. FOOD. MEDICATION, EXERCISE. We've heard this from so many sources and resources starting with the American Diabetes Association. Picture that triangle encircled with one other word …. ATTITUDE. This word is the key that unlocks the door to good diabetes care and management. Without a positive attitude don't expect to keep up with balancing the life style that we all deal with every day. Diabetes doesn't give us 2 weeks off for summer vacation or even every other Sunday off for Pete's sake! We live with our diabetes every minute of every day, thus it is of the utmost importance to adopt, nurture, calculate, develop, cajole, create, muster, grow, manifest, enhance, seek ….. you get the's all about finding good ATTITUDE.

It's not easy. It takes time and energy to find that place within your being, your spirit, where that positive energy resides. The more you visit that place the easier it becomes to nurture it. Sure there are times when you say. why bother. Those are the times when it is most important to go to that place, breathe and start over. It works. Give yourself a chance. Make friends with your diabetes. It is part of you but does not control you. You hold the reins. Take control and … Oh, don't forget to exercise your smile muscles ….. every day! They help develop good ATTITUDE.

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