Our Team Attends AADE

Connie and Cindi attended the 2018 Association for Certified Diabetes Educators (AADE) this past weekend in Baltimore, Maryland. Both are Master's Level Nurses who specialize in diabetes nursing and education. Both of these incredible women are also T1's!

While getting the latest information on diabetes management, they snagged a lot of handouts, samples, and information in the Exhibit Hall. Knowing them, someone probably had to pay extra baggage fees for the flight home!

What this means for our 2018 Retreat is an expanded Goody Bag!

Here are some photos from last year's retreat to show you "what's in the bag" for our Retreat Participants.

Info Packets!

As a persons with diabetes, we are inundated with information. These carefully assembled packets include information we rarely get from our health care providers. To the point, its a go-to for an ever-changing medical concern that represents our daily lives!

Goody Bags!

We thank our supporters for gifting us with tote bags (DiabetesSisters), trail bars, Nirvana water (Connie) Retreat Notebooks (Mindstream Center) and a treat bag with Chuckles, Ike and Mike's (Judith)!

Every year is different but it is always a delight!

Hope to see you October 11th-14th at the 2018 Self -Care Retreat for Women with Diabetes. If you haven't registered yet, we have still have some room left!

Book the Retreat Now!

In Sisterhood,


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