Kitchen Magic: Probiotics!

In her presentation on Kitchen Magic, Gita discusses the power of probiotics to feed your health. Probiotics generate the growth of healthy gut bacteria. These beneficial bacteria interfere with potential pathogens and improve the function of the gut barrier which prevents large food proteins from entering the body's system and causing inflammation. They are instrumental in immune modulation and the production of neurotransmitters. They are able to influence the growth of resident microbiota and the cellular components of the gut-brain axis.

You can purchase quality probiotics in many forms, one of which is a delicious "fizzy" drink called kombucha tea. But better yet, for quality control and your pocket, you can make great probiotic drinks yourself. You will need SCOBY, Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, to make your kombucha tea. You can purchase this at a health food store or online. Look for SCOBY that is ivory or tan in color and avoid any that is black, orange or green as it may indicate the culture is no longer active.

Watch Gita's presentation on Kitchen Magic in the upcoming Virtual Retreat section of this website. Or get ahead of the program by downloading two of Gita's probiotic recipes and see for yourself!

Download Kanji Recipe

Download Kombucha Tea Recipe

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