Some Thoughts on Loving Insulin for Life

What is insulin and why do we need it?

Why do some people need to take insulin injections and other people don’t have to?

What is insulin and why do some people fear it?

Insulin is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body produced in the pancreas by beta cells. We need insulin to break down the carbohydrates we eat into glucose where it is stored and used for energy. Diabetes is caused by impaired blood glucose metabolism. As women with diabetes we all have a specific relationship with our insulin producing cells. Some of us are still making our own insulin but are insulin resistant, some of us don’t make enough insulin in sufficient quantities, and some of us just don’t make any insulin at all. The science behind diabetes care and disease management is all about supporting pancreatic function to make insulin and to facilitate it’s working in a person’s body on a cellular level.

FACT: We are all dependent on insulin for life whether we have diabetes or not.

FACT: Every body is insulin dependent, but not everybody has diabetes.

FACT: Insulin therapy is hormone replacement therapy. Oral diabetes medications are used as adjunct therapy to support insulin function.

FACT: Insulin in the body is necessary for harmonious blood glucose regulation. However, too little or too much insulin can cause serious health problems.

FACT: Every human being needs insulin to live and no one can survive without it.

Some of us have to take insulin into our bodies through injections or via a pump delivery system. Some of us take meds that help the body to make more insulin, and some of us take meds to help the insulin that we still make get into our cells. Many of the oral medications available for Type 2 diabetes management are used to enhance and preserve beta cell function in the pancreas, thus preserving and enhancing the harmonious production and flow of insulin. Being told you need to take insulin to manage your diabetes is not a threat or punishment. Nor does it mean that you have failed at maintaining your health. In fact starting to take insulin is often a blessing because that is exactly what your body has needed all along.

In this day and age we are blessed to have so many options available that support our body’s glucose regulating and metabolic function in order to live well with diabetes. May we all take a moment to express blessings of love and gratitude for the workings of insulin in our bodies, and for the insulin enhancement and replacement therapies that enable us to live healthy lives. Let us celebrate the energy of life that insulin provides to us whether it is our own endogenous hormone or it is delivered into our body through an injection or an insulin pump.

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