Brushing Up

Dry brushing is a technique of exfoliating dead skin cells from the body. This technique is similar to other types of exfoliating such as salt/sugar scrubs but done on dry skin usually prior to bathing but can be done all by itself.

By removing the dead skin cell from your body, dry brushing allows the skin to function more efficiently. It increases circulation, promotes lymphatic flow, enhances oxygenation of the tissue and stimulates the nervous and circulatory system. It is often used in Ayurvedic medicine and sometimes referred to a type of lymphatic massage.

In just a few weeks for 10 minutes a day you will see results and receive all these benefits: soft, healthy, glowing skin; a boost in your immune system and increased energy.

Download Dawn's Dry Brushing Self-Care Technique

Dawn Turner RN, NYS, LMT and Nationally Certified Body-worker. Dawn has been a nurse for 40 years, working in the field of geriatrics, home care and hospice home-care. She has been involved in holistic health for 20 years, as a Master Reiki Teacher and practitioner who utilizes various energy bodywork techniques including Healing Touch, Shiatsu Reflexology, Lomi Lomi and Sacred Stone.

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