Mindfulness - really?

Mindfulness is a term that is used quite often but many people do not realize it is actually the practice of awareness. Being aware of what is happening right now, this moment, all around you. Since we have very strong habits of ruminating over thoughts and events of the past, we don't focus our awareness in a way that is helpful to us.

When you live with diabetes everyday, awareness is a little tricky. After all, it made its debut in your past, either hides in the wings or demands attention right now, and will most likely be on center stage in one way or another in your future. Regardless of the type of diabetes or insulin resistance you may be living with, awareness is a relationship you need to cultivate with yourself. It is an integral part of the wisdom we are developing through the classes and experiences at the Diabetes Self-Care Retreats for women.

Stress resiliency, meditation, and biofeedback are three elements I hope to bring to the Retreat classes. I plan to present mind body techniques that help improve your blood sugar with s a biofeedback demonstration. I presented this experiential lecture at the 2011 DiabetesSisters Conference in Raleigh, NC.

Janet Doucette, MA LMHC (K. Dechen)is a psychotherapist and behavioral medicine specialist who offers clinical biofeedback, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness based psychotherapy for individuals with medical conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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