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Mandala Project

  "Here are some wonderful ideas that are easy and don’t take a great deal of time.  De-stress yourself by doing any one of these projects.  Make it even more relaxing by playing some very mellow, instrumental music as a background for creativity.  Soon, you will be in a transcendent, meditative state of mind."

Project One:

The latest craze is “grown-up” coloring books.  You can buy one at any craft store at an inexpensive price.  All you need for supplies are crayons, colored pencils or magic markers.  You may already have some lying around the house. I have drawn a mandala for you to color. What is a mandala, you ask?  The word “mandala” means circle, a circular painting using brightly colored geometric designs, which begin at a central dot and work outward.  It is a meditative pattern conveying ancient knowledge of the universe. The mandala is one of humankind’s most ancient forms of art.  All sorts of mandalas can be found in various world religions, cultural art forms, and architecture.

It's easy.

I created a mandala design for you to color. Use your imagination for your own choices of colors.  Your brain will relax when its focused on a simply activity and not disturbed by thoughts and over-analyzing.   

Project Two:


This project is for you sisters who would rather be outside on a walk or hike, getting fresh air and exercise.  This idea came from a photography class I took. The assignment was to create a composition of abstract photographs.  Hiking in places far off the beaten track, like Henry David Thoreau did, is one of the best stress-beater things to do, any time of the year.  The best therapy I have found for myself is to be in and around nature.   Being far away from the maddening world brings me an abundance of peace, quiet and happiness.  


To do this project, just look around as you walk around snow mounds and ice patches along the way. In Spring, you could photograph buds on trees and flowers that are beginning to bloom.  Take close-up photos to capture unusual angles or patterns and fresh colors.   You’ll be amazed what designs and images you will see as you look a little more closely at things you would normally take for granted.  Bring your camera and take pictures of these things or just appreciate them as you walk along and get in tune with the beauty of nature and life.

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